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About five years ago artist/illustrator J. Steven High contracted the Celtic fever (furor Celticus) which sent him upon a long and sinuous path, in pursuit of the various forms of Celtic art. The journey has just begun. Above are some of his humble steps along the way. The pieces included here he calls "Celtish" because they have a certain Celtic "flavor", but are nowhere near so complex or detailed as the celebrated illuminations, produced by Celto-Christian scribes in the Dark Ages. In fact, Kenneth Clark has said of the Books of Durrow, Lindesfarne and Kells: "…the pages of pure ornament are almost the richest and most complicated pieces of abstract decoration ever produced, more sophisticated and refined than in Islamic art. We look at them for ten seconds, then we pass on to something else that we can interpret or read. But imagine if one couldn't read and had nothing else to look at for weeks at a time. Then these pages would have an almost hypnotic effect." (Civilisation, p.11)

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