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J. Steven High
published illustrator
  Lover's Knot
6 x 9 Inches
Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper
© John Styvn High 2000


This zoomorphic design is based on one of the most elementary knots, the Josephine, or so-called lover's knot (because of the two intertwining paths, not one path), sometimes also known as the sailor's knot, or fisherman's bend. It's simplest form requires a 2x4 cell grid and can be seen ensconced on the short sides of the border. The variations on the long sides of the border are made with 2x8 cell grids. These extended knots are called braids. Actually, any knot that is longer than it is wide can be considered a braid. The rest of the border has been divided into two paths (gold & silver) to echo the main theme of two lives interminably commingled, but ostensibly separate.