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J. Steven High
published illustrator
10 x 12.5 Inches
Gouache and Opaque Watercolor
© John Styvn High 2000


It has already been established that the Celts didn't keep harems (see Achilles & Patroclus), but long before the splendor of the Ottomans replaced the Byzantine opulence in the Caucasus, the Celts were crafting jewelry and weapons adornments in Galatia that would be echoed centuries later in priceless articles such as the famed Topkapi dagger.

The nomadic quality of Celtic culture precluded building great palaces, baths and luxurious living quarters and populating them with female slaves, but they did construct huge fortresses in Germany. (Actually, if the Celts did enslave any women, it would have been foreigners only, since the Celtic women didn't take well to subservience of any sort.) And, like many African tribes, the Celts preferred to "wear" their wealth. We can only guess at the baroque brilliance that may have evolved had the Celts developed a taste for architecture like the Moslems.