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J. Steven High
published illustrator
  Tristan and Isolde
8.5 x 10.5 Inches
Gouache and Opaque Watercolor
© John Styvn High 2000


Tristan (aka Sir Tristram of King Arthur's Court) and Isolde are one of the worlds best known champion tragic couples. That Tristan and Isolde were Celts goes without saying. He was a good Cornish boy, of such purity and courage, that he was a viable contender amongst a select few, to achieve a clear vision of the Holy Grail. Isolde (aka, Iseult the Beautiful) meanwhile, was a famous Irish princess who was betrothed to Tristan's uncle, King Mark of Cornwall. So Tristan had the mixed blessing of escorting Her Highness over to England for the wedding. But, during the crossing, they unwittingly drank a magic love potion which forever entwined their lives like an endless Celtic knot, and this basically ensured that they would end their short lives in ecstasy, misery and death.